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Crayons From Colby

Crayons From Colby Classroom Supplies Fund

Crayons From Colby was established to provide funds to Grays Chapel Elementary school for classroom supplies.

Grays Chapel was the elementary school Colby attended and many teachers involved in his education there still teach at the school.

The fund donated at $2000 for the 2018 - 2019 school year but the school did not use the money and chose not to help with fund-raising for the coming year.

Tracey and I decided it was best to provide money to a program that would put the money to good use. We chose to donate to the Dream Center, a tutorial after school program that benefits children in Randolph County, NC. We issued the 2019 Check recently to the program director. Colby would have benefited from that program when he was younger.

The Crayons From Colby program is also establishing a yearly $1000 scholarship to award to a student at Providence Grove HS. That program will be established prior to the 2019-2020 class graduation.


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