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Man, who knew trying to sell your book was so hard?

I published KEEP SILENT SERVICE on November 15th this previous year (seems odd saying that so how about "two months ago".. I have made several changes and updated the book's DESCRIPTION several times now to make it more appealing.

I place posts on many Submarine Facebook pages and I detail the fact the book raises money for the COLBY HAITHCOCK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP all to very little perceived change in sales.

I posted onto the Facebook group Books Go Social in a post that gets your technical reviews of your Book's Description if you in turn critique another's book.

Well apparently my cover is "homemade" and my description sucks.. All of which makes your sales "NOT HAPPEN" so I will need to revisit that process.

Here's my new DESCRIPTION:

Every minute of every day, several US Trident Submarines in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans stand ready to launch nuclear weapons within minutes of receiving an authentic and verified launch order. Without fail!

President Davis fears the crews of today may not actually launch due to perceived changes in today's young sailor's and their views of the world's political landscape. How would he be able to verify this fear without getting false results with riders on board and test messages?

Jillian Steel is his answer. Hired from her psychology practice, Jillian joins the Navy and undertakes several years of training to work her way through the Nuclear Power Training Program to end up as a Junior Officer on USS WYOMING SSBN 742. After qualifying as one of the first Females to fully train and become a Submarine Officer, Jillian is finally ready and in place for the test to occur.

What Jillian didn't plan for was meeting Aiden. Can she complete the test and provide the President with accurate findings? Will the crew actually launch perceived real nuclear weapons upon orders from the President to annihilate an enemy?

Read KEEP SILENT SERVICE and dive into the life of Nuclear Deterrent Patrols aboard the most powerful weapon systems in today's military.

All of this isn't frustrating, it's just another obstacle to push through. I really will make this successful. Tracey asked why I do it. I have to try my damnedest to make everything I do successful. Am I Tom Clancy? Not even close. Are they great books? Undoubtedly yes.

As always, any money earned in royalties goes directly into the Colby Haithcock Memorial Scholarship.

Your $3.99 (electronic version) or $14.99 (Paperback) isn't much in the overall scheme of things in life to you individually.

But it may just help a student at Forsyth Technical Community College's Electrical Lineman Program achieve a dream. (The Scholarship)

Or, it may help a Teacher at Grays Chapel Elementary School provide a much better educational experience for their students through the CRAYONS FROM COLBY program.

Either way, please do me the favor of at least clicking on the book HERE

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