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Lethal Intentions: Sub Surface Vol 2


I have been steadily gaining ground on finishing the Lethal Intentions book. I have completed the 54 Chapters, the Prologue and Epilogue, as well as the Acknowledgements sections.

I don't feel that the content is long enough at 58K words so I may have to embellish a little more in sections where I skip a few days in the timeline etc.

You know me and embellishment, I can weave a great yarn. I'll just have to tell more sea-stories along the transit from action place to action place. Movies always get away with going from Hawaii to Guam in a minute. It's kind of hard to do that and keep a timeline somewhat accurate.

Lethal Intentions: Sub Surface Vol 2 is based on the USS GREENEVILLE conducting operations with an embarked SEAL Team with the fictional resurrection of the old ASDS platform that GREENEVILLE actually carried until it had a battery compartment explosion that ended the program.

That program was simply BADASS. It was through ASDS that I was reacquainted with Rob Byford. Rob was in the Enlisted Commissioning Program selection year that I was in. I met him in Rhode Island on the Newport Base when we checked in for the ECP 7 week course. Rob was a Dolphin Wearing YN from a fast boat that wanted to be a SEAL.

If I had all day, I'd tell you some great stories of a group of about 8 of us going to a local bar at the beach and having Rob tell the whole bar we were a platoon of SEALS and were going to tear down the place. We were all fairly big dudes and I had bouncers begging me to take him home.

Well, when we did the first underway training operation with the SEALS and ASDS when I was the Navigator of GREENEVILLE, I was sitting in the Wardroom and as the SEALS begin filing in, I hear "So, is that a Death Dealer Tattoo?" Let's just say the tattoo I had showing wasn't. My first thought without looking up was who the hell would think that it was. Then I looked up to see ROB BYFORD, LCDR, SEAL standing in the Wardroom. Rob was the Pilot for ASDS and a genuine Bad MoFo.

Rob was the first SEAL to put toes in Afghanistan. We shared some stories and I wish I could reconnect with him and some of the other guys in that group. Rob is actually the character Rob Bryerson in the book.

We created a simple Logo for the Colby Haithcock Memorial Scholarship Fund. It truly is about "Keeping His Dreams Alive."

As I say each time, all proceeds from the books go to this fund. There are many ways you can help with the fund.

We are Raffling off two guns June 1st at 5:30 PM. We will be cooking Hotdogs etc at Carolina Guns & Gear's store on Dixie Drive in Asheboro during their business hours. This will serve to raise money for the fund as well as sell some of the raffle tickets. The cost is $10 per ticket. We will be giving away an AR-15 (Base Model ready to customize) and a Glock 19.

We are cooking and selling BBQ plates at Buddy's Bar and Saloon on February 9th. Barry Yow of THE FLYING PIG fame will be playing an acoustic set that night. Dinner plates will be available at 6PM until people are tired of eating them. Plates are $8. Please come listen to great acoustic music and have some great BBQ.

We are hoping to get the Group EAST COAST COYOTES to bring their BADASS Mustangs out for the event at Buddy's. If you don't know these guys, they are a group started to raise money to help the families of fallen law Enforcement Officers. They organized a ride from Greensboro NC to Wilmington NC to honor the life of SHP Trooper Kevin Conner, an 11 year veteran of the SHP. The ride gathered roughly 700+ cars, trucks, and motorcycles for the 3 hour ride. You should consider joining in their charity events to help the families of fallen officers.Check them out at :

Buy a book, read it on Kindle Unlimited, send one as a gift. Use Smile.Amazon and select Big Dawgz Riding Club as the charity of choice. It truly is simple and doesn't require a major outlay of your hard earned cash.

If your business shops through Amazon, use as the entry portal for your account. It adds up quickly.

So, for the 3 or people that made it this far, please consider one of these mechanisms to help. This will be shared and a DONATE button will accompany it. Give a little and help a KEEP COLBY'S DREAMS ALIVE.

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