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The Passing of a Year

Approximately 2:15 AM, February 11, 2018.

Exactly 1 year ago.

How long is a year? in numbers its 12 months, 365 Days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, or 31,536,000 seconds.

In reality, its an eternity.

1 year ago, Colby Haithcock was taken from his family.

The reality of the year is this:

A father lost a son. A son that wanted desperately to be like him. Colby was his dad, down to the core. Acted, looked, WAS! He dreamed of following him into the Electrical Lineman profession. We had discussions about getting to that point and what he could achieve with his life if he worked to make sure he got through the Lineman program and joined his dad at Randolph Electric.

A mother lost her son, and as of this date, has also lost her daughter. She lost a son that was becoming a man and wanted desperately to be part of her life and grow up to be a strong man that was part of his mother's life. She lost a daughter that she deeply loves and needs in her life. Tracey lost her brother at the same age as Colby. She should be in her daughter's life to help cope.

A sister lost a brother. She lost a big brother that incessantly picked and played and pestered her but loved her greatly. She lost someone to live her life growing up with. She lost his love and lost the ability to love him back. Because she blames her mom for that loss, she hasn't seen her mom since February 16th at the funeral. (Pray for her healing that she realizes the strength of having her mom in her life and comes home to her mom)

They all lost the ability to see him grow older and become an adult, a husband, and a father. None will ever be able to replace that.

A step father lost an amazing young man growing up within his life. I've witnessed the changes of those around me, the loss of joy from a wife, the pain associated with the death of her son and the physical loss of her daughter in her life as well. If I could turn back time and prevent this tragedy, I would give almost anything to make that happen. I truly wish there were a mechanism to remove the pain for them all. I would bear that burden for them if possible. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Friends lost a companion, a smile that lit up the room, and an infectious presence that made everyone's life better. They lost someone to go to football games, to hang out with, to work with, to have all the fun associated with growing up.


Growth from tragedy:

We have attempted to turn this tragedy into a positive, although it is a positive that will never eclipse the loss suffered by the family.

The Colby Haithcock Memorial Scholarship Fund was started to raise money to provide academic scholarships to the Forsyth technical Community College's Electrical Lineman program. The fund provides $2000 per year to fund (4) $500 scholarships across 4 academic classes at Forsyth.

It also became the Crayons From Colby Fund to provide $2000 annually to Grays Chapel School for classroom supplies.

Through fundraising efforts like BBQ dinners, Hot dog sales at events, gun raffles, memorabilia and donations, we have now raised over $10,000. Because of the help friends and the community, we have raised enough to add a $1000 Scholarship at providence Grove for the 2019-2020 school year. We will begin discussions with the school soon to establish the criteria to receive the Colby Haithcock Scholarship at PGHS.

We have now begun raising money for the 2020-2021 school year and anticipate more involvement through businesses to potentially grow this to other local schools and programs similar to the Crayons From Colby program at Grays Chapel. Look for new ways to raise awareness and fundraisers in the near future, including gun raffles (ongoing through June 1st), a Golf Tournament, and other ideas that will increase the range of our reach as we try to expand his legacy through programs at more schools.

If you would like to donate, here is a ink to an available Go-Fund-Me campaign.

You can donate through Paypal at also.

The proceeds from my book royalties all go directly towards the scholarship fund as well. Check them out and enjoy a military thriller of the likes of Clancy and Brown. Click the link associated with "book"..

Help further his dream through charitable giving.

All 501(C)3 paperwork is available upon request.


The overall tragedy and associated pain from all involved is exactly 1 year in the past. it will never not be part of the futures of the many people affected by this. Colby's family is forever scarred to the bone with this loss.

I pray they will grow to heal somewhat and come together to help further the memories of such a fine young man lost to our world. They have gained an Angel that I know looks down upon his loved ones and wishes them peace of heart. I would bring that peace if I could. I pray they can overcome the grief and continue on in the life of their daughter together.

Everyone please reach out to the family today of all days and offer your support. Hug them and share your love with them as they grieve the anniversary of this loss.

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