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Lethal Intentions has been wrapped up story-wise. Off to EDITING!

I learned that lesson with the first book and the ease of publishing. I have made all the corrections and reformatted the first book, Keep Silent Service as well as added the professional cover art everyone said the book needed.


Lethal Intentions has finalized. It is the story of North Korean threats to launch nuclear weapons and the response from our military forces.

President Ronald "Viper" Davis has had enough of the empty threats from North Korea's Dictator President. When the North Koreans surprise the world with another missile launch out into the Sea of Japan, then proceed to threaten use of actual nuclear weapons to force the world to remove sanctions and treat them as super-power equals, President Davis takes action.

The new Long Range Seal Delivery Vessel (LRSDV), code named PIRANHA, has been moved to a fully operational unit created by a private sector firm ran by 2 ex-SEALS. It is sent to meet the USS GREENEVILLE for the mission that could determine the fate of many.

Join the GREENEVILLE crew and the SEAL Detachment led by LCDR Rob Bryerson as they go in harm's way to carry out the president's Mission.

LETHAL INTENTIONS: Sub Surface Vol 2 due out by March 1st.

Go to AMAZON for the Keep Silent Service book as well as pre-sale ordering of Lethal Intentions.

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