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And just like that my second book is complete, uploaded and ready for you guys to buy, read, and be amazed at its content and story-line. Its that good!

First, big shout out to Terry Locke of THE DREAM WORKSHOP in Asheboro NC. Terry is an amazing artist and creates customized logos, artwork, websites and many other electronic media that will sell you business visually.

Contact him here:



The Book:

With the press of a triggering device, the Hwasong-15 ICBM lifts off from its launch pad and begins its slow ascent into the heavens. The glow of the rocket’s exhaust lights the dark night that envelops the launch site.

When the world quickly learns of the missile test, President Ronald "Viper" Davis becomes infuriated at the inability to stop the North Korean Leader from potentially launching Nuclear Weapons against American soil and potentially creating a nuclear firestorm.

USS GREENEVILLE SSN 772 makes its way across the Pacific towards Guam for a normal beginning of deployment transit. Her arrival in Guam is greeted by the new SEAL Long Range SEAL Delivery Vessel, a privately funded resurrection of the old ASDS Platform, code named PIRANHA. GREENEVILLE will carry PIRANHA into harms way to carry out the President's wishes to prevent any further launches of weapons and potentially prevent all out war in the Asian Theater.

The political fallout over the mission will put a Russian ballistic missile boat, K-407, directly in the sights of USS NEW HAMPSHIRE as she exploits the growing Silent Scream Technology. Will torpedoes be fired in anger for the first time since WWII?

Pick up a copy today and relive or experience life aboard nuclear fast attack submarines and the missions they carry out that you never know about.

Buy it here.


Are you an author, looking to increase your sales? I just joined SIBA, the Southern Independent Booksellers Association.

I will hopefully travel a little to local Indie Bookstores to sit and talk to potential readers of my books all in the hopes of increasing book sales.

If this is your first time reading my blog, you must first understand that all money raised from my book sales goes to the Colby Haithcock Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The scholarship fund provides academic scholarships to 4 students a year at the FTCC Electrical Lineman School in Winston Salem (physically KING NC). It also provides $2000 yearly to Grays Chapel Elementary under a program called CRAYONS FROM COLBY, as well as a new scholarship at Providence grove High School for a graduating senior (beginning next academic year when Colby would have graduated).


Upcoming events:

April 24th: Charity Softball Tournament that we will be cooking food at on Sunday to raise money for the scholarship.

June 1st: Event and food at Carolina Guns & Gear on Dixie Dr in Asheboro. We will draw two raffle winners that day (AR-15 and Glock-19 available guns for the winners).

June 15: ABC's of Hope and Colby Haithcock Memorial Scholarship Fund 1st Annual Golf Tournament. We are teaming with the ABC's of Hope, another non-profit created after losing a son, to host a golf tournament at TOT HILL FARM Golf Course on June 15th.

Please come out and support both charities as they try to make a difference in the lives of young teens and families that have lost children to tragedy.


Okay, so that may be enough for now. Come play golf with us. Buy a gun raffle ticket. BUY MY BOOKS. Help support this charity and get something in return.

I admit, my books may cause you to begin speaking like a submariner. But you'll enjoy every moment of it.

Read your copy now!!

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